Bumper Scratch Repairs

Bumper Repair Specialists

From a minor gate post scuff, traffic impact collisions, cracked, split or warped plastic bumper damage, flaking or cracked paintwork, Smart Repair Manchester can restore your car bumper to its former glory with our mobile bumper repair service.


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Vehicle Bumper Repair

Get your front or rear bumper repaired now!

Vehicle Bumper Repair and Restore Manchester

Minor bumper damage can be repaired in a couple of hours and at your convenience by our mobile SMART repair technician. We use expert plastic welding techniques and special fillers to repair impact bumper damage and split bumpers. Our mobile SMART repair car body shop techniques rectify any paint damage, scratches, and scuffs. We can easily match any paint colour on-site and we guarantee you’ll be completely happy with all repairs and the end result! You won’t even know your bumper was damaged in the first place!

Bumper Colour Coding

Colour Match Guarantee

We will match your existing paint colour and paint your bumpers and trim & aditional plastic or carbon accessories to match the rest of the vehicle using specialist plastic adhesion coats, primers, paint and laquers.


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